Homemade muffin with cream cheese, rosti, avocado, marinated smoked tempeh, oven blush tomatoes & kusundi - Vegan


Chipotle jackfruit & frijoles quesadilla (The Pablo), Monterey jack/ or vegan queso fresco, hibiscus chilli salsa, iceberg lettuce & arugula. Served with charred corn


Vegan black pudding, rosemary potato rosti, maple baked bean, spicy fried tofu & marinated tempeh on toasted multigrain - Vegan


Pigs cheek sausage, rosemary potato rosti, maple baked beans fried egg & treacle streaky bacon on toasted multigrain


Blue poppy seed & turmeric waffle, melted nduja sausage, burrata, baba ganoush, sweet rose harissa with mint oil, pomegranate & poached egg. (vegetarian option served with vegan chorizo)


Black beluga dahl, mango chutney, toasted cashews, raita coconut chutney. Served with sourdough toast & lime coconut butter - Vegan


Smoked carrot lox, dill pickled cucumber, caper oil, garlic & herb cream cheese served on a homemade English muffin - Vegan


Poached eggs served with lemon zest & dill oil on buttered sourdough toast.



Canadian baked beans £2.5o
Poached egg £1.75
Pigs cheek sausage £2.oo
Treacle streaky bacon £3.oo
Marinated smoked tempeh £2.oo
Avocado £3.oo
Kasundi £1.oo
Vegan cream cheese £1.oo
Vegan spicy chorizo £2.oo

Gluten-free bread available

Please speak to staff regarding allergens as all dishes may contain nuts or soy products