Hario Olive Wood Coffee Press 600ml

Hario Olive Wood Coffee Press 600ml

Dark Arts Coffee

The Hario Coffee Press Olive Wood isn’t your ordinary french press. It’s a modern spin on the classic french press shape and design we’re all familiar with. The olive wood finish looks incredible in any space and adds to the visual experience of french press brewing.

This device brews the rich and balanced french press coffee we all know and love by allowing the coffee oils and a small amount of micro-grounds to pass through the double-construction stainless steel filter. This filter produces a rich and full-bodied cup without allowing large coffee grounds into your final mug.

The Hario Coffee Press Olive Wood also includes a stainless steel frame, as well as Hario’s signature heat proof high borosilicate glass as the press carafe. You have the option of receiving the press as one of two sizes: 300ml or 600ml.

We suggest using a light detergent and soft sponge when you hand wash the olive wood finish to maintain its shape, feel, and stunning color.

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