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Indonesia, Sumatra
Varietal: Gayo
Process: Natural, Anaerobic
Altitude: 1,300 - 1,600 masl

Mango mouthfeel and notes of cherry

In 2019, Aulia Kahfi place 9th in the Sumatra Prestige Cup for his excellent Wet-Hulled lot. We are thrilled to continue purchasing from him.

Aulia cultivates coffee on Rakyat Farm, which he inherited from his family. He has been involved in coffee production since his early teens but has always had a unique interest in specialty coffee. Since specialty coffee was not in high demand in his area during his teenage years, Aulia spent several years mining and selling Vesuvianite, a precious stone often found near volcanoes. He has since returned to coffee production. Now in his early thirties, Aulia is entrepreneurial and enterprising. Using an old van or his friend’s car, he has expanded his business by purchasing a few bags at a time from neighboring farmers. He collects and processes ripe cherry from farmers in the Lukup Sabun, Pantan Sile and Ratawali neighborhoods. He’s also recently started buying cherry from Gegarang (Jagong Jeget). 'Sesongot' is the name for a beautiful caterpillar native to Gayo that is commonly found hanging about in the coffee trees. Aulia chose to name his experimentally and special processed coffees after the creature due to its unique and very special appearance!