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Colombia, Risaralda

Varietal: Catiope

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,810 - 2,300 masl


Super sweet with notes of purple jelly babies, fresh raspberry and white sugar

Buenavista Farm is nestled in the serene town of Belén de Umbría in the Risaralda region and is perfectly suited for coffee cultivation. Shielded by the protective veil of clouds, the coffee trees thrive year-round, producing meticulously balanced and sweet coffee. Committed to their mission, Buenavista Farm is dedicated to cultivating specialty coffee. Juan’s coffee is not only environmentally friendly but also nurtured by the very bees they raise on the farm. Juan himself When you enjoy a cup of coffee from Buenavista Farm, you’re experiencing the culmination of years of effort and a commitment to excellence. I hope you find the coffee to be a delightful and unique experience, with its vibrant acidity and floral notes. Your support not only brings joy to me as a producer but also uplifts the entire coffee community in my region.


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