EAT THE RICH (Geisha) - Costa Rica - 250g

EAT THE RICH (Geisha) - Costa Rica - 250g

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Origin: Costa Rican
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural
Altitude: 950 masl

You might have noticed we're on a bit of a natural tip right now and our first  'Eat the Rich' coffee, is part of that current enthusiasm we have chosen a natural geisha from Costa rica. La Candeillia (named after fireflies that haunt the nearby streams) is located in San Marcos in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The Sanchez family have been running the estate for 5 generations. Currently, 9 siblings look after different sections of the farm. In 2000 the family built their own processing mill on site, this gave them a more complete control of their coffees which has produced Costa Rica cup of Excellence winners and also inspired a spate of micro mills being built in Costa Rica, consequently improving coffee quality for many producers in the country. The family is also one of the few producers in Costa Rica still using traditional fermentation but they have built a vast lagoon system that uses native plants to purify the water before it is returned to the river from which it came. What we love about this coffee especially is that despite being a natural and having those familiar strawberries, nougat notes. Because of the varietal and meticulous processing, the cup clarity is much higher than you might expect to allow more subtle flavours of vanilla and a soft tangerine acidity to come through.

Jamie - Head of Coffee

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