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Myanmar, Ywagan
Varietal: Red Catai
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,280 masl

Satsuma, icing sugar, cinnamon

The Mandalay Coffee Group was formed in 2014 and works with smallholders helping in production and finding a market. The Myanmar owned company currently works with 50 smallholders with an average farm size of 1000m2. These farmers use an intercropping system, growing other products like papaya, macadamia and avocado . These trees provide much needed shade for both the coffee trees and the families who live on the land. These trees also act as a buffer to stop the spread of leaf rust and provide food for the family. Most of the smallholders do not use any fertiliser, although the wealthier farmers who have cattle will use manure which improves their quality and yield.